FAQ from parents

What is the earliest age my child can begin karate?
Our programs are designed for kids as young as 4 years of age. 
I have a 14 year old boy who seems to be a little uncoordinated and self-conscious. Does that mean he’d be no good for karate?
The opposite, karate should help his coordination with strength building exercises and boost his self-esteem. 
I’ve tried numerous activities and sports my children show an interest in but they never stick to anything. What if I spend all the money on gear and they don’t like it?
As in all sports, there is a chance but very slim. Kids work alone or on pads and beginners learn to spar with no contact to start. 
My child needs lots of encouragement and a feeling of either achievement or advancement to go on. How does your school deal with these needs?
We try to set short term goals for kids and often reward them for improvement and work well done. 
I have a child that is, well, a bit defiant. Can karate help set this attitude straight?
Karate is not a substitute for parenting but the discipline involved pending on the age and the reminder of proper behavior can help them on a social level. 
Does the school teach offensive or defensive karate?
All martial arts should be taught as a form of defense only. 
How many children are there in each class?
The number of children per class is limited and varied by level and age.